Monday, February 3, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to find - NOCASOBE

Top Ten Reasons to find – NOCASOBE           
1. Lincolnville Beach – enjoy our free public beach on Penobscot Bay. When the tide is out you can experience an extensive walk along the shore-line. Or, soak up the sun on the sandy beach and watch the Islesboro Ferry and lobster boats at the harbor.

2. The Bald Rock Trail – the trail head is at Steven’s Corner (Rt. 173 at Youngtown Rd.) and Bald Rock on Derry Mtn. are both in Lincolnville, part of Camden Hills State Park – according to Destinations Magazine (American Express), ”One of the top ten most beautiful walks in the world!”

3. Outdoor Adventures – kayaking, standup paddle boarding (SUP), golf, hunting, fishing or lobstering, canoeing, rafting, sailing, biking, horse riding, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and more! Lincolnville ranked in the “Top 20 American Towns” by Outdoors Magazine!

4. Arts & Artisans – in addition to the annual tour of artisan studios, stops at local galleries and studios engages you directly with fine artisans and amazing craftsmanship. Along Rt. 1 you’ll find Maine Artisan’s Coop, Beyond the Sea, and Saturday Cove each providing a wide-range of locally made items. Local artisans Jan Bearse Gallery, Rogers Gallery, Murphy Gallery, Windsor Chairmakers, Sleepy Hallow Rag Rugs, van der Ven Studios, Indian Baskets, Northport Gallery, and Swan Island Blankets are not to be missed!

5. Gourmet Foods, Beer, and Wine – whether you are looking to enjoy coastal seafood fare at great restaurants, excellent baked goods and gourmet deli, locally roasted coffee, hands-on cooking classes, wine tasting and pairings or seasonal ingredients, Andrew’s locally crafted beers, go no further! Sharpen your culinary skills at Salt Water Farm Cooking School, Bay Leaf Bistro’s Seafood Classes, and Cellardoor Winery’s gourmet dinners and winemaker’s events in the vineyard! Experience amazing “farm to table” options at our local farmers markets. Don’t miss the Bean Suppers!

6. Let the Spirits Move You Рjoin retreats and workshops to engage your mind and body. Try massage/reflexology from local providers. Experience a zip-line at Point Lookout Resort or communicate with the hereafter (at Temple Heights Spiritual Camp Рmediums, s̩ances, table tipping). Commune with nature or worship at one of our local community churches.

7. See the Stars – bring your telescope or visit our local observatory to see the stars across our clear northern sky or view the “northern lights.” Come be “star-struck” when you encounter a famous resident with a mansion along mid-coast area.

8. Amazing Educational Experiences –NOCASOBE is the place to stay if you plan to attend: Maine Media Work-shops (Rockport), Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (Rockport), The Apprenticeshop (Rockland), Hot Glass at Playing With Fire (Rockland), and don’t forget those cooking classes (see #5).

9. Antiques, Shops, and Roadside Bargains As you drive Rt. 1, Rt. 173, and Rt. 52 you’ll discover specialty shops with curios, antiques as well as weekend garage and yard sales. Or visit for the Camden Antique Show or at the Union Fairgrounds.

10. History Galore Discover local Museums, Historic Lighthouses, Native American culture, and Settler’s cemeteries. Lincolnville Historical Society, The Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, and the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland all have excellent collections.




“the laugh of the loon is a sign of coming happiness” (Penobscot Indian Lore)

In early times the Penobscot Indians plied the rock-lined waters of what is now called “mid-coast” Maine. They hunted wild turkey, grouse, and loon. They fished the Duck Trap River for salmon which they dried or smoked in preparation for winter. Clams, crabs, and lobsters were abundant rewards from the sea. Basket-making was common to the area tribes as was canoe-building. Settlers from across the Atlantic made trade with the locals, formed towns and villages along the coast to benefit from the fishing, hunting, and forestry. Logging, furniture-making, and paper crafts emerged, yielding to bookstores and related arts.

Tall ships with wide sails and heavy masts brought explorers, merchants, travelers, and ultimately growth. Inns and pubs sprung up to serve the needs of guests and visitors. And, as the “iron horse” made train travel expedient, people from throughout the Americas made their way to see the rocky coastline and islands of Penobscot Bay. As they drank and dined by candlelight, stories of the loon and the power of its feathers were told.

Soon word spread of NOCASOBE. The folk lore was accurate and the mystery location was found. No longer did the Penobscot have the secret of the loon’s feather as their own nor the location of Duck Trap River as only local lore. NOCASOBE could be found. NOCASOBE could be experienced!

Today we know the loons of our sandy half-moon beach on Penobscot Bay. And, we know the loons of our Duck Trap River as it flows to the Bay. They draw us closer to NOCASOBE – they call us as we play along the shores. We discover through NOCASOBE  the joys of the beach, the views from Bald Rock Trail, the lapping water as we kayak or canoe, the lures as they skip along the river for salmon, the changing leaves and fall colors, the simple pleasures of the Penobscot mid-coast.

Still visitors come to seek NOCASOBE – to really experience the lore of the loon’s feather. Our relaxing inns and cottages, delicious restaurants and pubs, creative shops and artisans, innovative winery and brewery support your days of activities – hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, birding, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, painting, photography, woodworking, cooking,  and exploring lighthouses. Visit and discover the legend, live the lifestyle…. NOCASOBE (North of Camden, South of Belfast)!

Summer 2014 Events at Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro

2014 Calendar of Events

Location: 2372 Atlantic Hwy, Lincolnville, ME 04849
207-505-0458 for reservations or information

Cooking Classes
Seafood Basics
We’ll be using the preparation and cooking of various seafood appetizers as a means to learning how to work with seafood and adding seafood to your normal meals and special occasions. In this hands-on class we will discuss and explore the following:

a.      Selection of local seafood – Maine scallops, clams, mussels, fish, crab, shrimp, and lobster

b.      Cleaning of seafood and preparing for cooking via pan-fry, baking, broiling, skewers/grilling, steaming, boiling, broiling

c.       Sauces for seafood appetizers – glazes and dipping sauces

d.     Appetizers as starters or as entrees/side dishes – skewers, wraps, cups, salads, dips, and more!

Day/Dates: Thursday evenings from 6-9 p.m. on 6/12, 7/17, 8/14
(by reservation at least one week in advance – 207-706-7929)

Cost: $30 per person (please feel free to bring your own beverage to accompany the various appetizers)

Instructor: Dr. Jane Liedtke has learned to cook throughout the globe having lived in Europe and Asia in addition to the east-coast, mid-west, and west-coast of the USA. While her Ph.D. is in Industrial Management, her heart is in good cooking and she admits she’s a “foodie”. While living in Maine and Oregon, she helped her learn how to cook seafood, living in China for 10 years taught her more about using spices and sauces. A self-proclaimed “cooking class junkie”, Jane has sought to perfect her culinary skills taking classes at: Salt Water Farm, The Garlic Press, The Eight Mice, Elliot Bay Book Company, and the OSF Center for Healthy Lifestyles. Jane’s “savory crab wontons” won the 2013 Blue Crab Bay Company recipe contest.

Saturday Night Maine Lobster Dinners!

Back by popular demand are our home-style lobster dinners – includes a 1.25 lb Maine lobster cooked to perfection, homemade steak fries or baked potato, Jane’s country-style coleslaw, and iced tea. Try an ice-cream sandwich made from fresh chocolate chunk cookies and vanilla or coffee ice cream.

Dinners begin in mid-June and run thru early August.
Reservations are required! Call 207-505-0458 to book your table by noon on FRIDAY!
Credit card required to make a non-refundable reservation (once we buy the fresh lobsters for your meal it’s on your card!)

Cost: $15.00 per dinner plus 15% gratuity and 8% tax. Dessert is $3.00 each.


Lincolnville Neighborhood Pot-luck/Bean Supper
now on Mondays!

Join us for this monthly community picnic from May thru September. Welcome Lincolnville Center and Beach residents, friends and family, as well as visitors from away staying at B&Bs and motels/cottages. Just bring a covered dish, salad or dessert and we’ll provide the meat, beans, mac n cheese, beverages and table service (plates, napkins, plastic silverware). 6-8 p.m. FREE!

2014 Dates: May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th, September 29th