Friday, September 9, 2011

Leaf Peeping Activities in Mid-Coast Maine

This time of year - Fall and Leaf Peeping is really special in Maine. There's so much to see and do normally but there's so much that's unique to Fall...

1. Arts and Artisan's Tour in Lincolnville/Camden/Hope - this weekend (Sept 9-11) - ride around mid-coast Maine and stop at the galleries and workshops of accomplished artisans of the region. Everything from goldsmiths to pottery, fine art to metalworking.

2. Common Ground Fair in Unity - September 21-25 - get the 60s-70s vibe as you rub elbows with sustainable farmers, eco-friendly power, organic agriculture, artisans, home cooks, canning, unique products, and music/fun galore.

3. Vinfest in Lincolnville at Cellardoor Winery (Sept 30-Oct 1) - get in touch with your inner grape - which one speaks to you. Try 6 samples from a menu of about 20 wines made on-site. All are amazing and there are some unique blends thanks to local blueberries. Gourmet dinner, activities for the family, tastings for the adults, demonstrations/tours - all with a gorgeous fall view.

4. October 1st & 2nd in Lincolnville for our Fall Festival - brings the local parade and activities galore for family and friends. Don't miss the farmer's and artisan's market at the Whales Tooth Pub.

5. Camden International Film Festival (Sept 29-Oct 1st) - Showcasing documentaries from throughout the globe -screenings at various cinemas in the region - Lincolnville, Rockland, Rockport and Camden.

6. Carol Sebold Harbor Arts (Juried) Arts and Crafts Show - October 1-2 in the Camden Harbor. Don't miss this eclectic mix of established and emerging artists.

Don't miss area farmer stands and apple orchards. Pop into the many antique shops.

And there's always a place to stay right here at Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro  Book soon!

After the Storm

Irene left her mark with downed trees and this large split tree which will need to come down so it won't crash into large structures on the next storm - and surely there will be another in our future. The big casualty was the playground. We will reorder and redo the kids playground once the tree is removed. We also lost some poplar trees behind the cabins. Root systems aren't deep here so trees just fall over versus breaking like our 100'+ tree did - rotted in the core somehow. Given we had to take a large dead piece off of it last season, this came as no surprise.
Readying for the leap peeping season, raking leaves already from the butternut tree. Mowing the grass that has really grown up with all the rain makes for a good Friday.
Tell everyone Maine is open for business. It seems people are fearing that the news about Irene and the problems/devastation in Vermont will keep people away from Maine. Come our way - we'll be here!