Friday, September 9, 2011

After the Storm

Irene left her mark with downed trees and this large split tree which will need to come down so it won't crash into large structures on the next storm - and surely there will be another in our future. The big casualty was the playground. We will reorder and redo the kids playground once the tree is removed. We also lost some poplar trees behind the cabins. Root systems aren't deep here so trees just fall over versus breaking like our 100'+ tree did - rotted in the core somehow. Given we had to take a large dead piece off of it last season, this came as no surprise.
Readying for the leap peeping season, raking leaves already from the butternut tree. Mowing the grass that has really grown up with all the rain makes for a good Friday.
Tell everyone Maine is open for business. It seems people are fearing that the news about Irene and the problems/devastation in Vermont will keep people away from Maine. Come our way - we'll be here!