Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm before the Storm

It's the calm before the storm - Irene is on her way! We're put away all the chairs, covered the motel windows, removed the plants, and brought the extra water, food, and candles into the house. We're ready for the storm - as ready as we can be. Of course by the time it reaches us the winds will only be 65-70 mph but they can still bring down trees, power lines, and cause havoc. We have no guests at present - everyone heading "home" where ever that might be.
Some neighbors may come stay with us as they fear being isolated in their homes with downed power lines. I reminded them we'll also be without power if they are without power but they are welcome to ride the storm out here if they wish. Being more "open" I suppose is appealing to those living in the woods. However, we have some mighty big trees on the property - who knows what's going to happen. Luckily we had everything pruned last year and most of the dead limbs are long gone. No power means no water so we'll be filling the tub up tonight so we can "flush" the toilet as needed. This is where having guests during a storm is problematic and this is why all of our signage is down. My only fear is that we'll lose the tops of our new lights. Aren't they pretty with the leaves? (If it would only right itself - hmmm). More after the storm! No lobster dinners tonight!